AMO Collab Partnerships.

Our Collab Partners.

TORO Studios

TORO Studios is a Māori-led company developing regional talent from Aotearoa New Zealand and providing a direct pathway into the global media industry. The unique TORO model increases workforce diversity, amplifies the indigenous voice in the industry, and strengthens New Zealand’s digital economy.

TORO Academy

TORO Academy provides a unique opportunity to experience hands-on learning with access to real industry experience.

TORO Technology

TORO Technology offers development, support and advisory services.   Our technology solutions support cultural and geographical diversity in the production industry.

TORO Cultural Advisory

TORO’s team of highly experienced Maori-led, strategic, creative, writing and design talent infuses all work that comes out of the Studios and is a competency that AMO draws on.

AMO Collab

AMO Collab is a collaboration of Aotearoa New Zealand’s best from the production, interactive and creative technology sectors. AMO Studios draws from the AMO Collab to bring together incredible talent to deliver world-class projects.


An award-winning creative and production agency producing for the All Blacks to Adidas.

Beyond VR

Developers of multiplayer engaging VR games. Including Oddball, a location-based free roaming VR game.

Greenstone TV

Producers of long -running formats such as Border Control, Highway Patrol and primetime drama such as VEGAS

Kiwa Digital

Creators of proprietary innovative voice-over and multilingual dubbing software used by Netflix and entertainment studios producing for multi language distribution.

Metia Interactive

Award-winning games and interactive company  using indigenous storytelling.


Immersive storytellers with proprietary VR technology.

Morley Design Group

An award-winning design agency with a diverse range of experience in brand creation for product, print, online, film and environmental installation.

Nanogirl Labs

Nanogirl Labs is a global education design company creating opportunity through STEM.


Creators of exemplary animation and digital training programmes for NZ students.

Studio Local

Unique ideas for film, television and other platforms. From hand-drawn traditional animation to photorealistic content, we have a huge range of animation and visual effects driven work.


A post-production, animation and entertainment company. We produce quality content for screens big & small.

Youth Arts NZ

Creating events using NZ creative connecting, showcasing and developing the next generation of Aotearoa's creative youth.